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Review: Noein


Plot Summary: Fifteen years in the future, by high-level scientific power, a violent battle takes place between Lacrima, that protects humanity, and Shangri-La, that plans the annihilation of all space-time. The key to stopping Shangri-La’s invasion is a mysterious object known as “the Dragon’s Torque.” A group known as the Dragon Cavalry is being sent through space and time to find it. In the present, twelve-year old Haruka and her friend Yuu are contemplating running away from home when they meet a member of the Dragon Cavalry named Karasu (Crow). He believes that Haruka has the Dragon’s Torque and claims to be Yuu from fifteen years in the future.

There is a battle taking place between Lacrima and Shangri-La which is 15 years in the future, but in the current time Haruka and Yuu are enjoying themselves and living their lives. Karasu is fighting Shangri-La and the key to stopping Shangri-La is with the Dragon Torque. It turns out that Haruka is the Dragon Torque in her time space and Karasu finds this time space. Lacrima needs to sacrifice Haruka to stop Shangri-La and Karasu is torn in the beginning helping Lacrima and protecting Haruka, and Yuu is determined to protect Haruka. The anime starts off a bit confusing and as time passes you start piecing things together, whats confusing is that the anime bases its story on the theory that there are multiple instances of a person because there are different timespaces which is a confusing thought to start off with. The graphics of the anime itself is different, and the its a well thought out story but sometimes I think it is was a little stretched out, but overall a very enjoyable anime.

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