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Bike Tip – What is a Quick Shifter


What is a quick shifter?

A quick shifter is a device which lets the rider shift up without pulling in the clutch and without rolling off the throttle.

How it helps?

Basically shifting slows down a motorcycle’s pace but with a quick shifter there is no need to roll off the throttle, so the motorcycle keeps its momentum and speed going, with as little changes to the suspension, frame or other factors affecting the bike. That makes the rider significantly more effecient resulting in quicker lap times. It also helps with cornering stability and smooth acceleration.


One thing to keep in mind which I learned the hard way, with a quick shifter you still need to pull in the clutch to shift down which helps with breaking. You also have to get the right type of quick shifter to know that it doesn’t stall when your starting off, not all quick shifters are the same, some need adjustments to make the perfect shifts, and some make automatic electronic adjustments to make for the perfect quick shifting. Read up on the product before buying it.