Its Official


I just saw it on the news, the official holidays have been moved from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday.

Starting from September 1st 2007 the official weekend will be Friday Saturday.

That will change everythinga around, no more half days for a lot of companies but work will be longer during the weekdays. So instead of 8am-4pm it will be 8am-5pm.

This will have an interesting affect on a lot of business and I’m wondering how retail shops will react to this change in Kuwait. Now all the banking people have lost that Saturday holiday they hold so dear.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’m still wondering if this is good or bad. I guess I have to be there to live its impact.

  2. well…I can see its somehow bad, its weird. it have been almost two years since they moved it here in Egypt and I still cant get use to it.

  3. la youba they’re giving us thursday off instead of we the banking ppl wikk have 3 days off….:PPP

  4. Hasan.B

    The only bad outcome about this move is the congestion! But our govenrment can solve this problem just with some effort, money, and good thinking, which does not look like happenning soon! Overall, i beleive this move is a wise one!

  5. I would never get used to this, never.

  6. WHY. :/

    Fridays already suck just cuz they’re Fridays. Now Friday’s gonna suck and Saturday’s gonna suck cuz it’s the last day of the week. THIS SUCKS!

  7. Ali Bonga

    What difference will it make as long I’m getting my two days of rest!
    The good that is coming out of this is having an excuse to leave work to go to the bank! I see it now! People will go to banks more than ever, just because they don’t have Thursdays!

  8. so interesting, i hope this will be realized sooner, i can’t wait! i like it! :)

  9. Lama

    Well I am not sure this is a good cahnge, or a bad one. we should have the right to reverse it if we want to.

    Do we have this right ;) ?!

  10. Carlsb3rg

    Sigh,, Now i have to share my saturday off with everyone :/

  11. Angelo: You will get used to it, your doing half of it! hehehe

    Muh’d M. Mansour: I really want it!!!

    MAZE: looool! if it were up to the banks you be working every day!

    Hasan B.: There is a congestion problem no matter what and people don’t care what time they leave so they can work around it!

    pearls: you have to!!

    EniGma: loooool! Your reasoning made me laugh!!! Any days off work is good!

    Ali Bonga: loool! I don’t think some work places will agree to that! We work 6 days and the 6th day as a half day, nobody goes to the bank!! U work!!! So the two days will make a HUGE difference!

    rieanne: Me too!

    Lama: NOPE! I want my two days!!!

    Carlsb3rg: yup you do!!!! Bes khalas, masakhtoooha! loooool!

  12. what’efferrrr :p
    i’m stuck at Monday as the first day of the week *_*
    *must adjust body calendar*

  13. we’re probably not going to change to Fri/Sat because we’re half Saudi owned…. so that’s good, gives 1 day of the week (Thursday) to be able to do banking stuff, etc. without having to leave work early…

  14. MetallicaMad

    engima – i feel u man!
    i was really against this move when they had a rumor last year… but now …. i dun care tht much.. cos im LEAVIN kuwait!! :P…
    but.. yea its gonna suck!

  15. Laialy: loooool! I know what you mean, you just have to adjust and then your there!

    moocherx: Thats true, you guys operate outside the scope of normal day to day operations of a Kuwaiti company!

    MetallicaMad: It will be an interesting change and I’m hoping for the best!

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