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Mass Issues!!!


I wanted to be scientific about it, but there is no wording around it! I have put on a rediculous amount of weight and its annoying now! I previously didn’t care since I was just about things like normal, but like before when it affects my riding its when I do something about it.

My Problem:

  • My Portions (I eat for two as some people have mentioned)
  • Rice (Just too much of it)
  • Ice Cream (Just a little!)
  • Not enough excercise at all
  • Soda

My Solution (Crossing my fingers here):

  • Cut out rice
  • No more soda, only water or juice
  • No Junk Food
  • Excercise at least twice a week (swimming or gym)
  • No Ice Cream

My weight is currently 101 Kgs and I want to bring it down. I have nicked named myself the Michelin Man, and I want to get back in shape and lose the weight. My aim is to drop to at least 85 Kgs and aiming for 80 Kgs in the long term. I’m being optimistic and I’m going to push myself to see what I can do.