Saturday Milcha



This was an event I was looking forward to going to and its always nice going to them. This time I had to stay the whole time since the milcha is for a good friend and lots of people I know were there. I have to say that it was nice seeing some old faces and saying hello, I also made promises to go to the shalaih since I haven’t been going for a while and I will be going with my cousin. I will pick him up and head over this coming weekend. For some reason I still can’t eat food at a milcha I was too busy saying hello to people and walking around, this one was good and it wasn’t too packed but this isn’t the only milcha for this week. My feet were killing me at the end of the night and I was wanted to pass out from exhaustion.












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. nice, we call the Milcha, Katb Ketab here in Egypt. anyway, it looks beautiful. Is it Le Meridien or The CourtYard by Marriott?

  2. congrats to your friend oo 1000 mabrook.

  3. Carlsb3rg

    thats one big melcha.. are u sure thats not a wedding?!

  4. The food usually gets left out while you’re busy chatting with friends! I know the feeling, sometimes I’d wish could get a little break and grab a plate!

  5. this “milcha”/”zawaj” thing is driving me nuts
    whats wrong with being single :p
    Mabrook for your friend

  6. A of R&A

    I think I know the guy holding the phone and the one who was talking on the phone :P~~~~~~

  7. Yeah congratulations to your friend who is getting married.

    So did the event make you thing of getting married soon? You know…peer pressure LOL :D

  8. Biohazard

    a7la shy nasfat elyahil bel 9ora el5amsa.. sakba.

    So the actual wedding has to top that. Or is this it for the men?

  9. Muh’d M. Mansour: Its Al Rayyah next to CourtYard Marriot. We call it a Milcha because Katb Ketab is done privately at the home!

    pearls: thank you!!

    Carlsb3rg: looool! Nope Milcha!

    N: seriously, sometimes I just want to eat but that just isn’t happening!

    Laialy: looooooooooooool! La 3ady, I can understand where you are coming from o alah ebarik ib 7ayatich!

    A: So do i!!!

    Angelo: looool! Not really the event made me hungry as usual!

    Biohazard: loool! yup, etha7ik bes he is trying! This is just for the men, the wedding would probably be something better then that!

  10. Mansour

    went le meta eb teg3ad etsawwir :P .. tala7la7 etzawaaj wela matfakkir? wela nafsiiii ment metzawej till u lose ur mental abilities looool

  11. Mansour: looooooool! Its all up in the air! hehehe

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