2007 Audi TT Clubsport Quattro Study



The Audi TT modified to be a true driving machine with ceramic breaks, modified suspension and supercharged engine to make for a such a powerful small sports car with extremelly streak lines. They really did it this time, they have created a one purpose vehicle, only to be driven in the right areas, it looks amazing and I really like the lines of this two door machine.
















Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. Carlsb3rg

    grille is too big me thinks

  2. Sin

    looks intresting…looks fast, but i’ll have one R8 please, thank you XD

  3. Looks hot, although I would be worried about how it looks with the top up. I hope it doesn’t resemble the bad Peugeot convertible design :s

  4. ooh
    its hot

    3ad im begining to think about getting a car
    once i learn to drive that is

    ill add it to my list :)

  5. Hasan.B

    Do not like it, i think it is just too fat, whatever that means:P!

  6. I LOVE IT

    i wonder if its the concept or the actual design for the production line?

    genarally Audi especially after the A5 are shifting their design to an other level, a more sophistocated one, usually the Audi design is a bit plain & simple compared to BMW & Merc. so all in all they are going up :D although the S-line is very attractive but its not a major twist. Back to the TT i loooooooooved the dash board! also the orange touches in the furnature VERY smart, they make the car look more sporty. I also liked the front view of the car! amazing nose (i like to call it like that, cars are more than machines to me ;p) and the lights being so slim gave it an agressive look!

    cant want to see it in real life :D

  7. Carlsb3rg: Its there to bite!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: yup!

    Sin: R8 is very nice, but this is different too!

    Jacqui: IT HAS NO TOP! looooool! Thats what make its so different! hehehe

    eshda3wa: how do you not know how to drive!!! And this would be a huge part of the list!

    Hasan B. loooool!

    Q80-ChillGirl: yeah this would be a beautiful machine in real life!! Very nice!

  8. Hugh Gass

    do you drink coffee on your ceramic breaks?

    Brakes man. Brakes.

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