Nailing It (Literally)


I haven’t changed my tire by myself in a while, but last night I was happy to see that it was as simple as before. I walk out of my house to find the Landcruiser leaning onto one side. My back right tire was flat, so I undid the spare cover and proceeded to replace the tire. I went to the Mishref Coop Garage and they patched up the tire and pulled this large broken nail out of the tire. I’m assuming its from some where in Shuweikh, and I’m happy that the tires held out without any issues.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Judy Abbott

    oh ! thats a huge one !

  2. I don’t patch up my tires .. wouldn’t trust it holding up at 200+ km/h.

  3. Jafar


    I am very interested to know how you BULLED the nail out LOOOOL

  4. Juddy: yup big!!!

    pearls: I’m happy it didn’t pop!

    K: Yeah, I’m going to change all my tires anyways at this point!

    Jafar: loooooool! Fixed it!

  5. I am surprised to see you having a chance to meet those lazy bastards at mishref garage working!. I think they only open for 8 hours a day and are the slowest people to deal with.

  6. i’ve never changed a tire nor do i have any clue how
    but i think it’s something i SHOULD know just incase

  7. i remember one time i had a flat tire when i just arrived from a fishing trip and i was too exhausted,, i finished doing it in 10 minutes only,, my old car,, “the camel”,, i miss the bastard

  8. mishref: they did it quick and I was in and out after spending 500 fils, wasn’t too bad!

    Laialy: I think every person should change a tire at some point in time!

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