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Upgrade.. maybe


When it comes to computer I always have in mind to upgrade it once every 1.5 years, now it seems I have reached that point. My main PC is acting up, its really slow on the start up, I have to wait over a minute for it to get things together.


  • Slow Startup
  • Needs a clean start
  • Some programs eat up the amount of Ram
  • 2.5 year old Graphics card

Since its my main PC I usually like it being the heavy hitter, so it needs to pack a punch.


  • 3.6 Ghz Pentium D
  • 2 GB Ram
  • nVidia 6800 GT 128 MB Ram
  • 6 year old sound card

I’m thinking about getting a new motherboard, chip, 4 GB of ram, and nVidia 8800 GTX, and a few other flares to go with it. I just haven’t looked at all the combinations yet and what is the best but cost-effective solution yet. I’m thinking about changing the case, but I have had the same case for the past 7 years for this main PC, so I’m looking at the Thermaltake case. I’m also thinking about two 750 GB HDs and running them in Raid 1 format so that everything will be safe guarded on this PC. Lots of things bouncing in my mind right now!