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My X-Box 360 Elite


So my X-Box 360 went on the fry and started scratching my discs, and so I went to Rihab with my X-Box 360 in tow. I went from shop to shop and none of them said they can fix the X-Box 360 or they don’t know what the problem is. What they are used to is an X-Box 360 getting the red ring of death so they don’t even bother fixing it.


So I decided to purchase an X-Box 360 Elite since they had a couple around, the prices ranged from 340 KD to 250 KD. I picked mine up from Kuwait Toys Center for 250 KD, and 3 games for another 50 KD.

I went home and started putting the machine together, it was really simple and same as usual. Its just all black as well as the 120 HD being dark grey. I had to install the 20 GB Hard Drive onto my X-Box 360 Elite to use all my saves, profiles, and downloads since the transfer kit didn’t come with this console. The only difference is the HDMI and the 120 GB Hard Drive, it was just a little quieter as well.



I picked up 3 games:

  • TMNT
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
  • Armored Core 4

After I got back and plugged everything together, the new X-Box 360 Elite just said my “scratched” version of Gears of War is too messed up to work, which really drove me nuts! I really wanted to get online with the game but I couldn’t, so I have to buy a new version of the game!