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One day I left work and I knew that I left my I forgot my headset in the office and I was too lazy to turn around. I have been using a headset while driving for the past 5-6 years, so I have gotten used to it and I really like it since my hands are on the gear and steering wheel, it makes it especially easy when driving a manual.

The one time I left it in the office I was getting annoyed picking up the phone while driving. So the whole time I was driving I didn’t want to make phone calls or pick up the phone. It was driving me nuts that people were calling when I was driving, it was a funny feeling, I didn’t know I was going to get that annoyed, I would have turned around and picked up the headset if it was the case. The next day when I came into the office and found my headset I was happy I did, when I was driving it felt normal again if I wanted to talk on the phone. I have come to the point that I can’t talk the phone while driving without a headset.