Notes of the Night!

This has been one hectic week but I have been looking forward to Wednesday night to chill with my friends and it has been worth the wait.


  • Mark brought along Dead or Alive 4 and as usual I kicked everyone’s butt in it no matter what character I picked so we stopped playing quickly because we had other games to play, this was just no fun because I was too good
  • We Played Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior with 4 players on X-Box Live against other players and we were having a great time, sniping and fighting other people. We were hearing the funniest comments from some of the players, it was hilarious! We were busting up laughing but still shooting, its really fun playing four players online, but we tried not to kill each other but that happened.
  • Then had a bite to each while watching a movie.

Nice easy night and a good time, but still feeling exhausted, I need to rest this weekend.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mo Hat

    Dead or Alive 4? How the fuck did Mark get that game it’s banned in ri7ab, lucky bastard.

  2. Biohazard

    Split screen 4 ways? :|

  3. Mo Hat: I think from the forum, I didn’t know it was banned, why would it banned that just dumb!

    Biohazard: Yup 4 ways, but all of us playing online, so 4 players sitting next to each other trying to kill 12 other people! It was fantastic! The screen is easily big enough to split four ways, it like each one of us had his own screen!

  4. K: That damn bastard kept hiding! He knew we were coming for him! hahaha

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