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This is one of the best motorcycle clothing store in London, and the last time I was in London I didnt have a chance to go but this time I made it a point to go there, and I was happy I did. This store is a very large clothing store with many different brands to try, for once I was able to try the different jackets and pants combinations available. I also saw the Puma 1000s for the first time and decided to try them. What I loved about the place is that the people working there love motorcycles and you can spend the whole time talking to them about bikes and different things, they would always recommend what they like not necessarily what they have which is always a great sign of a good store. The service was nothing short of excellent, and the funny part is that I was dealing with an Italian guy and we just kept talking about different people riding in different areas that we forgot the shop was closing so I decided to come back the next day to keep on looking. If your ever looking for a huge variety of gear and your passing through London then I recommend you stop by them. I bought a Jacket and some armor, I was going to buy the boots but I thought to just stick to my Daytonas.

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  1. BigB

    thanks for this great post, i am going there for a business meeting,definetly will stop by there, any idea if their prices are high or low?

  2. I guess TriStar showroom in kuwait have a great selection of dainese leather,texture,jackets boots back prtoection.
    Also hit air jacket(the airbag jacket),and of course the summer BMW Jacket.
    with large stock of arai helmets and caberg helmets,reevu helmet with mirror,ferrari helmets,laurasmith helmets
    You get up to 50% discount on selective items

  3. Mansour

    u found ur heaven on earth

  4. Sin

    looks really proffessional and well laid out.

  5. BigB: There prices are down the middle really reasonable, much better then other places I have been to in London!!

    Mark: Exactly!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: yup, huge variety!

    DiiGMaa: looool! yup!

    Trixter: they do have a very good selection but no way close to sondel sport since they only concentrate on clothing and accessories, they don’t sell any accessories, Tristar’s core business is selling motorcycles, and the accessories go with it.

    Laialy: they are very nice for sure!

    Mansour: I kept walking around in circles, I didn’t know where to start. I was a kid in a candy store!

  6. i ordered a jacket from them,, received it last Sunday,, great help and service,, if i’m going to London,, i’ll definitely give them a visit,, or two :P~

  7. vampire: yup its one of those place then you can get lost in!

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