CBK – Blocking Blogs


My friend let me know that Commercial Bank of Kuwait is blocking my blog and 248am which I find to be hilarious. I have no idea why they would block us, but I’m surprised that we have reached the point that banks are selectively blocking blogs. Well there is nothing that I or anyone else can do about this, but this but still pretty funny.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. probably based on time wasted on both your blogs
    they are after all business

  2. LooooooooooooooooooooooL
    that’s what happens when you’re famous :p

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  4. you never talk about politics……!!!

    not you, nor Mark, so it’s something else, I think what frankom stated in his blog is true……!!!

    still it is funny to know that your blog affects a bank…..!!!

  5. wait what?!

    they’re blocking you at their offices you mean? because otherwise, how can a private institution that has nothing to do with regulating online access have the power to block blogs?

    if their blocking you at their offices so that their employees don’t waste time blogging then I understand because it’s an enternal issue – but they can’t possibly block your site entirely so that no one can access it? or can they?

  6. Biohazard

    They’re just blocking their employees from access to frequently visited blogs, they can’t block the site from everyone.

    Example, Mahmood the IT guy sees a lot of people are visiting zdistrict during working hours. He suggests blocking it. It is blocked. Employees don’t waste time.

  7. does that make all your fans bank employees?

  8. forzaq8: that makes no sense! Do they really spend that much time on the blogs?

    Laialy: looooool!

    Framkom: just sad!

    EXzombie: Thats what I find funny, I’m surprised then even noticed them until recently!

    cixousianpanic: They can with the right software, there are lots of filtering software and hardware, and I know a lot of them. They are probably using one of them.

    Biohazard: I know that, but do they really visit it in the morning!!

    Pearls: I don’t know I even had fans! I just blog along!!

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