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To Dual or Not To Dual


Due to my upcoming changes to my main computer I know that the graphics card I will be installing will easily be able to handle two screens. I currently have the Dell 2005WFP from back in 2002 and its a great screen, but if I’m looking to get another screen I would get two of the same screens. I would probably get the 2007WFP, which is a 20.1 inch WideScreen from Dell with a lot of features.

The things I have to think about:

  • I have three PCs connected to a KVM so I need a KVM for dual screens
  • OR I can connect on screen to two screens and the other two through the KVM which goes into once screen, that is one option
  • With multiple PCs I have to share the audio as well, so the KVM is a must

The idea of two screens came up from people’s recommendations, and the screens now cost between $250 – $340 which is pretty reasonable compared to previous years for screens of this size.