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Which 24 Character are you?

Thanks to BLaSha for sending me this test!

After taking the 24 test these are the results, and you should take the test too!


Its a Tie


You are part Jack Bauer. You are an aggressive and heroic figure. You think rules are only for kids, and try to break them at least once everyday (or hour). You like to get help from others especially your best friends. To complete a task, you are willing to do whatever it takes – be it the right way or the wrong one. Also, you could totally kick Chuck Norris’ ass.


You are part Chloe. You are the doer in any group. This is not a bad thing, as you are the only person who can do those things beyond the control and realm of other beings. As a very caring person, you’re emotionally attached to others, though from the outside you might seem to be very aggressive.

The funny part is they are my two favorite people, period!

Link: BrainFall