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I have a lot I’m trying to watch at the same time, I wish I had enough time to finish some of these animes all in one go. There are some extremelly good animes, and I’m still searching for some more, and trying to find some more torrents and dvds to pick up. I have just written real quick what I think of these animes while I am watching them, full reviews will be forthcoming.



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  1. I’m looking for something to watch now, I’ll take some of those on the list. I haven’t seen any except DN, Bleach, and Naruto. I did see Gankutsuou however, that anime is total kick ass! I’ll probably check out Eyeshield since you rated it excellent!

  2. Biohazard

    I hate anime shows, but I love anime movies. Recommend some, pwease. Bonus points for superheroes and blood shed.

  3. Judy Abbott

    u want to watch all that and lose 20 kg?! kidding me right :) pass them over please, i’ll watch them and will give you the summary :P

  4. Wonderful list, I’d like to write my own notes about some of them:

    Ergo Proxy:
    I love the philosophy in this anime, highly recommended, it’s similar to animes like Serial Experiments Lain and .hack, Shinsen-Subs are recommended if you wish to download this anime, they add very useful notes at the end of each episode regarding the philosophy in the episode, making things clear and understandable.

    Death Note:
    How can you refuse watching an anime about a guy who gets a note that can kill people by writing their names on it. The Death Gods are on his side. And the battle is between two geniuses, the one who posses the death note, and the young investigator who’s willing to stop him.

    Naruto Shippuuden:
    People who watched Naruto were waiting for this to begin, it was a living hell waiting for the fillers to end, but it was worth the wait. Though the current fights in the anime are not of the same quality as those in the first part of the anime which is Naruto, the fights between Rock Lee and Gaara, and Naruto and Sasuke are incomparable to any other. Plus it’s recommended that you see each 2 episodes together, which means each two weeks, because they are extremely short. The episodes are 23 minutes, and if you take the opening and ending songs, plus the preview at the end of the episode, you’ll have 15 minutes only of anime to watch in each episode, but if you watch each two episodes together, you’d get an acceptable amount of anime from the show which is 30 minutes.

    Looking forward to read more Anime Reviews from you, kudos.

  5. offmyhead: They have some but not all the latest! Also I would like to watch them at anytime even when there is no internet! I would rather have it on my machine at high quality!

    N.: Some of them are really good, Eyeshield is about a Football team fighting to make it! If you like Football you will enjoy the Development of this anime!

    Biohazard: Most animes are series rather then movies, but there are a few movies coming up!

    Judy Abbott: loooooooooooool! Don’t worry I can watch and do my thing! hehehe!

    The[M]Code: I’m saving DeathNote for later in the summer, I know its really good so I want to watch it all one go as well! Most of my downloads are from Shinsen-Subs, they are the best in my opinion! Can’t get enough of them!! Like you said Shippuuden is amazing but you have to watch every two together, but regarding the fight scenes just wait on it, they will be developing more of them, there are some big fight scenes coming up from what I heard!

  6. Death Note:
    I’m not sure if Death Note is going to stop soon, it might go as far as Naruto is going with episodes, or it might stop around 45, currently they have reached episode 31. You might have to wait forever for it to end in order to watch it all at one time.

    Death Note Movie:
    It might interest you to know that there is a real movie with real actors about Death Note:
    But I’m not sure if you’re supposed to watch it before or after you see the Animation.

    Naruto Shippuuden:
    I predict big fights in Naruto, i only hope they try to care about the animation of the fights like they did with Rock Lee vs. Gaara, and Naruto vs. Sasuke, you saw how they used 3D and flexible animations in the fights which created killer addictive scenes.

  7. As soon as I saw that Eyeshield was about American football I stopped the download! I’m not a huge fan, and it seems like sport anime aren’t my favorite genre. I did get a look at a couple of episodes of Amaenaideyo and LOL! That show is hilarious.

    Death Note: I read the manga before the Anime so far I haven’t been disappointed except for one scene where L is on the roof etc.. that sucked, but you’ll definitely enjoy the anime! I also saw the first movie, I haven’t seen the second one yet, but it is really cool! It is very different than the anime but only to compress it a little time-wise. I recommend watching it after you’re done with the Anime.

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