Ride & Swim


As usual I went to work on my bike, and from there I headed out for a long ride down the sea side to go home. I didn’t have a lunch planned, I thought I would eat something light later in the day so I decided to enjoy the ride. First thing I noticed as I was leaving work I didn’t have much gas, so I went to the gas station in Shuweikh next to the MTC HQ. The guys at the gas station were looking at the gas and I asked them to take pictures, they took a lot of pictures but I couldn’t really ask more from them, they were all very nice and even the guys who didn’t speak a word of arabic or english were asking me to rev really loud as I’m exiting, so I did. This is my summer gear with the Rev’It Air Jacket and my favorite Arai Haga Helmet, I’m riding and feeling a lot cooler then if I was wearing a normal jacket.



After an hour of riding I arrived home, I changed and jumped into the pool for a few laps before going out to take care of a few things. Jumping right into the pool while I was still very hot was perfect, it revived me and I was feeling great. The pool wasn’t that cold, I would have preferred it colder but it still felt good. The sun was pretty hot on Thursday and perfect to be in the water. After 35 minutes of swimming I got out took a shower, changed and went out. My eyes were still red even after the shower.






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Judy Abbott

    aaaaah i love pools, love water… love sun .. man the the picture before the last is amazingly amazing :)
    Thank god you didn’t melt. OR else you would’ve been a Moldy Z :P

  2. hmm,, cold water again!!! i wish that ur cooling system will fail after ur next ride :P~

    i tried this jacket yesterday but it rained on me!! what a coincidence

  3. Biohazard

    ma t5ees eb jild eb hal 7ar? ana boxer, shorts o tshirt o a5ees ent jeansat o botat o jackaitat.. =/

    I was just in the car with the AC to full power, and I was still choking. I hate summer. :(

  4. Biohazard,, he wears a breathable jacket,, fabric not leather

  5. Juddy Abbott: the water hits the spot!! It was hot but made it perfect for a s

    Mark: Thanks!! hehe! Told you get one!

    vampire: looooool! The rain is nice sometimes but watch out!

    Biohazard: You just deal with it when you want to ride! And the Jacket is a breathable jacket just as vampire stated!

    Laialy: I want more days like that!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks!

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