1. Great list.

    The only problem with them is that they stop releasing an anime as soon as it gets licensed.

    I don’t know if this happened with you but i noticed that when i download Ergo Proxy or Death Note from public torrent sites they download slower from when you download the torrents from the actual site of the people who subbed the anime, with more seeds and leechers. So people might be advised to download the anime series from the actual sites that released the torrents like you said above.

    Some anime fans speak of loyalty and stand against anime download, but this is a whole matter by itself and alot needs to be said about it.

  2. Bring in the good stuff!

  3. The[M]Code: Your right they stop showing when they get licensed and your better getting it from the subbers if they have a direct torrent site! When it comes to loyalty thats ridiculous! I buy and download, and secondly the Japanese allow for these downloads!!

    N.: Exactly! And more coming!

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