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Dewaneya … Not Today


I usually can tolerate my cousin being late for the dewaneya, and he is usually very late, but this past Saturday night it was slightly different. I was exhausted from a long day and not getting home until 7:41pm and just getting a quick bite before heading towards the dewaneya, I was tired but thought I should better go to see everyone. When I get there I notice I was the first to be there like usual but after sitting there for 10 minutes I find out that my cousin left Kuwait early this afternoon and decided that everyone should come to his dewaneya even though he wasn’t there. I drank two cups of tea to keep me awake enough to drive home, and so I headed straight home after talking to him. I got there 8:57 pm and left at 9:10 pm which wasn’t early enough. He shall be thoroughly punished for his actions, and I’m going to do something about him not notifying me. This is just unacceptable! This could mean war!