Hectic Schedule


I’m getting burnt out the last week or so from work and social obligations! I’m getting so burnt out that I had to make a chart to make sure I really man, and I verified it twice. I can’t even sit long enough in front of the screen to comment or read as many things as I usually do. That the Friday where I slept in for 14 hours rarely happens and I need it to happen again! I’m a zombie state of mind.

Out of a Week

Worked: 70 Hours

Family and Social Obligations: 37 Hours

Sleep: Not Enough!!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Biohazard

    No room for love? ;)

    I suggest starting with the nap system. Old people use it to keep up with daily obligations, you look like you just hit that age marker.

  2. I know how you feel bro.
    try to get a couple of 1/2 hour naps in a day, it helps !

  3. Seems like Friday is your best day, organized and fair in every way, let’s hope it stays that way even after they install the new system and it becomes a middle weekend instead of an end, your obligations and charts might blend.

  4. ya3teek el 3afyah…that’s life…but u shoud turn down some options esp the social commitments…its u the most imp at the end which is mainly ur health

  5. work 70 hours!!!!!!!!!!! man that’s insane .. that is more like slavery @@
    Allah e3eenik
    bss jad el noom sul6aaaaaaaaaan

  6. Biohazard: Nap system doesn’t work in my case!! Too much time between work and family!!

    Mathew: I wish it was that simple, I can’t take half hour naps! I go longer then that!!!

    The[M]Code: Friday is good because I don’t have to work!

    MAZE: alah e3afeek! My health will be fine but still got to go, doesn’t change things really!

    Laialy: loooool! eeewala el noom sul6aan!

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