Vista Project IIII


I didn’t feel like writing the Roman four properly but that aside, I’m currently at the point of testing compatability and softwares that I have in mind. So currently I’m just testing out software that I usually use in day to day tasks as well as tweaking things.


  • Critical Software and OS updates: AutoPatcher (Thanks لمياء الحالمة)
  • Photo Editing: Paint.Net (Does a lot of what Photoshop does but for free, but Photoshop is more professional and a bit more features)
  • Watching Video Files: K-Lite Codec Pack FULL – Media Player Classic (Works perfectly with all formats)
  • Office: Trying to get a OEM copy of Office 07
  • Browser: FireFox 2
  • DVD Burning Software: Still looking at which is more compatible
  • Video Editing: Still Searching

I’m currently tweaking the network settings and sharing items, the odd thing I am facing is all the security measures that I can’t seem to switch off. For another computer to access any information on my Vista PC you have to log in which is a bit annoying, I think its stopping my X-Box 360 from seeing the files thats on it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Biohazard

    I hate the See All thingy in the second picture, it’s not practical like the one in the Macbook. In the Macbook you just speed your mouse to one of the corners(can’t remember which) and you see all the opened windows, but with this one you have to click a logo in the taskbar which isn’t really useful since the “see desktop” thing is near it and I can just use the ALT+Tab thing.

    Either it’s that stupid, or I haven’t figured it out right. :|

  2. Judy Abbott

    teach me ! :(

  3. Biohazard: I honestly like that, if your looking real quick and Alt-Tab still works in Vista!!

    Laialy: Exactly!!!

    Juddy Abbott: Teach you what?

    CyberRowdy: Noted!! I have a lof questions for you!!

    لمياء الحالمة : Very interesting stuff! But I think the Paint.NET is better then GIMP, I tried GIMP before! The switcher seems cool, and vLite is fantastic!

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