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Vista Project IIII


I didn’t feel like writing the Roman four properly but that aside, I’m currently at the point of testing compatability and softwares that I have in mind. So currently I’m just testing out software that I usually use in day to day tasks as well as tweaking things.


  • Critical Software and OS updates: AutoPatcher (Thanks لمياء الحالمة)
  • Photo Editing: Paint.Net (Does a lot of what Photoshop does but for free, but Photoshop is more professional and a bit more features)
  • Watching Video Files: K-Lite Codec Pack FULL – Media Player Classic (Works perfectly with all formats)
  • Office: Trying to get a OEM copy of Office 07
  • Browser: FireFox 2
  • DVD Burning Software: Still looking at which is more compatible
  • Video Editing: Still Searching

I’m currently tweaking the network settings and sharing items, the odd thing I am facing is all the security measures that I can’t seem to switch off. For another computer to access any information on my Vista PC you have to log in which is a bit annoying, I think its stopping my X-Box 360 from seeing the files thats on it.