Amazon Arrival



Even though I know I made an Amazon order a couple of days ago its like Christmas ever time I see an Amazon Box in my room every time I get back from work. I bunched a large order of times all one go so that I can get the cost of shipping down. Whats surprising is they came so fast and even items that said for MOI inspection it seems they didn’t go which is really good, nobody seems to be checking these items and I hope they don’t check it anytime soon.


  • The Making of Star Wars
  • Founders At Work
  • The 4-Hour Work Week
  • Then We Came To The End


  • Karu
  • Solty Rei
  • Tokko
  • Afro Man


  • Justice League Unlimited Season 2
  • Justice League Season 1
  • Justice League Season 2


  • X-Box 360 HD-DVD Player






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  1. fahad

    USWS or Aramex ?

  2. nasser

    they do inspect from time to time i have a parcel in customs now for the third week and what s surprising me that most of the item are audio CDs and some books(enjoy) marzoog

  3. Angel_Of_Deth

    enjoy!! if may i ask, just to get a close idea of what to expect, how much did you pay for the shipping?(assuming that ur using shop&ship service) cause the HD-Drive is abit heavy combined with the books ….

  4. How many days did it take for them to get your stuff to you? I know what you mean with Christmas!! It’s so exciting even if you know what exactly is in the box!!! :D
    How much was the X-Box 360 HD-DVD Player ??

  5. Phantom Memory Kurau is my all-time favorite anime, it’s very emotional, very unique, and the drama in it turns the sci-fi in it into reality, enjoy it.

  6. The HD-DVD peripheral is a smart purchase and the “Then We Came To The End” novel looks kinda interesting…will be checking this out soon. I never knew you were a Star Wars fanatic :D

  7. fahad: DHL

    Laialy: Will Do!

    nasser: DHL buddy, DDDDHHHLLL!!!! Nasser… what did you get? hmmmm

    Extinct DoDo: The Books and DVDs Box for some odd reason!

    Angel_Of_Deth: Everything was DHL, except for the HD-Drive, The HD-Drive was for 11 KD alone, if I’m not mistaken.

    Nora: 3 days from my order and it was delivered to me! The HD-DVD Drive was for $190 and very much worth it!

    The[M]Code: Nice!! I was looking forward to it!

    Angelo: Sciene Fiction, Anime and that sort of thing!!! Star Wars is a must!!

  8. Yousef

    So you’re telling us that amazon ships international for electronics too?
    putting kuwait address directly?

  9. Yousef: Everything came by DHL except for electronics, it came by Aramex.

  10. ajay

    i had purchased a couple of blu ray dvd’s ,but i had to wait a week for it to come out of MOI

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