Patagonia WaterShed Duffel


This is one interesting bag, they made it from material which makes it water”resistant” to a certain extent. It is designed to open like a duffel bag and has compartments for wet clothing as well as lining inside the bag to help you see inside in low lighting situations. They really put a lot of thought into the bag, and for $175 I really think its worth it for the amount you can pack into it as well as the highquality durable material.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. i think if it’s a road trip a duffel bag is practical but walking through airports it’s not so fun

  2. It sounds amazing!!! But I wouldn’t know where to use it or what for!!! :)

  3. Pretty neat! Kinda’ pricey but … well I guess you’re right. It’s worth it cuz there’s a storage compartment for wet clothes so I can go for a swim at night and then stuff the wet clothes in there and then drive home without waiting for them to dry off :P

  4. Laialy: yeah, on a road trip its perfect really!

    Nora: For any water occasion or a multifunction bag!!

    DnG: loooool! Swimming at night, laish not during the day!!!

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