Review: Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad


This is Rihanna’s 3rd Album and I have been looking forward to it for a while now since she did well with her 2nd album. Well I have to say that it was a wait well worth it. She did really well with this album and the type of music she has incorporated into it. There is a mix of dance and hip hop in her style, and she mixes it up with a few other songs which I like. There are a few songs which I’m not much of a fan of, but overall her album is great and I enjoy just popping it in for a long drive and listening to the whole drive. Its the type of music that when you listen to it makes you want to move, you tap your feet, you nod your head, that sort of thing, and if her music can make you do that and enjoy the whole CD then I think its one hell of album.

Check out the Rihanna ft. Jay Z – Umbrella Video

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  1. She ahs been amazing all the way till now! I’m sure this will be a great one too!!! She is so young still so talented!

    She is so hot in the video!!! She looks amazing and sounds good I’ve seen it few times already and the song is always on in the radio here!

  2. i have to say it … she is pretty HOT
    but her voice is a little on the whiny side

  3. I still haven’t checked this one yet…thanks for the review.

    *Opens iTune store and listens to the song samples*

  4. Jacqui: looool! No buy it!!!! hehehe

    Nora: yeah she has been doing well and she has only gotten hotter and better!! I like her video too!

    Laialy: really? I like her voice!! and I agree with you 100% she is hawt!!

    Angelo: loooool! enjoy!

  5. hi , album good girl gone bad album it is very naice and lyrics it is naice to and i love it …

    and i love you …

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