Hurricane Gonu aka “Sabeecha”


This is whats taking place of the Indian Ocean and the route its taking its going to hit Oman hard on Thursday, then it will head into the Gulf crossing into Iran. The winds are in excess of 260 KPH (160 MPH) and it is the most powerful hurricane to hit this region since 1945.

They will be evacuating people from the coastal areas of Oman, and this is rated as a Category 5 hurricane which is the most powerful kind.

Regarding the name, my cousin changed it from Gonu to Sabeecha since its going for Oman, so its Hurricane Sabeecha from now on.

Link: BBC

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  1. i like it’s new name,, good thing Kuwait is not on the ocean so the possibility of this hurricane to his us is nil!!! once it’s on a ground,, it’ll vanish “`

  2. That doesn’t look any close to fun!! I hope it’ll pass without any real casualties!!! I do like the new name though!

  3. Biohazard

    Katrina’s got nothing on Sabeecha!

    Still, sympathy for all the people that are going to be affected by it.

  4. 7araam but nothing we can do..

    allah y7afe’6hom, hope no one gets seriously hurt..

    this wont reach kuwiat, right ?

  5. Allah ekon fe 3onhom! I hope nothing comes our way!

  6. The country has been in CODE RED for the past 2 days. Around 7000 people have been evacuated from Musaira Island, the airport has shut down, schools are now becoming shelters and police/army personals are everywhere! I just spoke to my parents and they’re like it passed Muscat and is making its (her) way up the coast to Iran. There’s lots of damage and floods are everywhere! Wadis are going CRAZY! The power in Muscat has been on and off but at the time being it’s powered up. Friends of my friends are stuck on their roof cause their house has completed flooded and it’s impossible for rescue police to fly to them let alone help them :S.
    Sur and Ras Alhad were battered by it since last night causing dead phone lines and power loss. There have been a few casualties. Allah ystr o y3eeen.

  7. What does Sabeecha mean? :-s ..

    The cyclone already hit Oman yesterday. I am in Oman and we were suffering yesterday. It was raining heavily with very strong winds non-stop from Wednesday 12:00am to Thursday 12:00am, 24 hours.

    The cyclone’s speed was around 170 – 200 KM/h in the sea, but as soon as it hit the land, the speed was around 10 KM/h.

    It affected the Sharqiya region in Oman the most. In the capital, Muscat, it also affected the coastal areas the most. Most of the people who live by the sea evacuated, and some people who live nearby Wadis and mountains also evacuated, because the places have flooded due to the heavy non-sop 24 hours rains and very strong winds. I have some pictures on my blog, you can check them.

  8. Jewaira

    So are you saying that Sabeechas are like cyclones?

  9. Vampire: yeah, but I feel for the people in Oman!

    Nora: I hope that people weren’t too hurt by it, a Cat 5 is no joke!

    Biohazard: Yup.

    Amo0ora: It will affect only kuwait a bit, but I hope the casualties were kept to a minimum.

    N: alah esa3idhum.

    EniGma: yup! lol

    Venus: I hope everyone remains safe and our prayers are with your family and friends.

    Amjad: Just an old kuwaiti name! I hope things get fixed soon and no one was hurt.

    Jewaira: I don’t know, maybe my cousin is!!

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