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The Quiet before the Storm


The beginning of this week I thought it was going to be a lighter week and we are going to be able to move things along and things will be chugging along without too many bumps on the road. I was looking forward to the lighter load, but I was completely and utterly wrong.

A few things that I wasn’t expecting came out of no where, and a few things happened which weren’t supposed to. This caused my work to increase four fold, not the amount of time but the amount of effort. I don’t think I have gone through that many phone calls as I have already which is insane.

In Normal weeks I have a few days which are on and a few which are light.

My head during a normal day:

  • Head A Bit Fuzzy in the morning
  • Things clears up and I’m on top of things
  • Things are in full throttle
  • I’m still going but people left work
  • Then I go home

Thats my usual brain pattern when thinking about it.

This week I have had to be on full throttle all day long its insane!! I want to quiet this storm, hopefully soon! Its funny, I feel like I’m in fast forward and everyone else is too damn slow!