1 Up, 1 Down


After discussing my options with Tristar I decided to replace my battery on Robo since it has died twice over a two month period and I know its completely my fault for not putting it on a trickle charger. Changing the battery only took 20 minutes as soon as that was done we started the bike up and rumbled just right, it was music to my ears.

Robo Problem -> Resolved



Now it comes to Pyro, we decided to let the guys at the shop to take a look at the tire and see what is going on. Also we dug a little into the issue regarding the Pirelli Super Corsa Pros taking 3+ weeks to get to Kuwait. As usual this type of thing doesn’t happen except in Kuwait, the agents of Pirelli is ZED Motors and so they are taking their time getting the tires, and Tristar can’t do anything about it. I can either wait or order from outside of Kuwait, and I’m thinking of the later option.

Pyro Problem -> Pending


All I have to say is that I’m happy Tristar updated me with a lot of info and told me what they can’t and can do. And what they did do was great. Since they came to pick up Pyro they replaced Robo’s battery at the same time.











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  1. Biohazard

    Robo just sends out a mean vibe. I like it.

    Didn’t the workers mind or get a bit awkward though because of you taking their pics ? :|

  2. why u’r sticking with the pirelli!! there r other options

  3. Well at least you got Robo back in action, and you got Pyro in safe hands!!! Is the other BMW R1200C?? I like it!!! I’ve never seen one except in pics!!

    Love the pics!! :D

  4. yes nora-cassandra

    its BMW R1200 C(CRUISER) MODEL 2005
    There is other R1200C Around
    you need to email ,and you could get to see them
    [email protected]

  5. Mark: I will be checking that out as option, its pretty heavy thats the problem!

    Biohazard: They don’t mind at all they are used to it! The mechanic and driver know me very well! I have my way around the garage!

    Pearls: Yup!

    Vampire: Its the one made by the manufacturer specificaly for this bike, and I don’t want to test a new tire on this bike yet. Also the one I would want is also not available in Kuwait!

    Nora: Thanks, yeah robo is back and it is a BMW R1200C cool bike!

    trixter: yup you would know!

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