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Light Night


This past week everybody seemed busy and I wasn’t sure who was going to show up and who wasn’t but we started watching Justice League, and we kept watching episode after episode. I remember I really enjoyed the series but I didn’t get a chance to watch all of them or keep up with them. So I was happy we had the discs, it was as good as I remember and I didn’t even mind watching some of the ones I saw again. We will be enjoying this series.


Later in the evening we started playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warriors online with about 12 other players and on one level we did pretty well. On another level we got annihilated, literally we were nailed to the wall always hearing one of our guys getting shot.

After that we decided we will need more training and we need to practice on a few maps. Some of these people knew these places inside out, I decided to use the grenade launched, at least taking them out with me if they kill me.

It was a nice night but we didn’t get a chance to watch the movie we wanted to, so its saved for another day.