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The Strength of Weak Touches


This is a real interesting article talking about when men talk to women and the different effects of contact. This study was based on a man asking a women to dance or for her phone number.

The study started with people involved in the psychology department. And what they were doing was lightly grazing their arm when asking the question.

One man approached 60 women to dance, and out of the 60 that he lightly touched 65% agreed to dance with him, and from 60 that he asked without making physical contact only 43% agreed to dance.

Another test was done with 3 men asking 240 women for their phone numbers, and the 240 that were lightly touched 19% gave their phone numbers to the gentlemen, but from the 240 that there was no contact only 10% gave their phone numbers.

I know these statistics are completely inapplicable in Kuwait but this type of statistic is really interesting how they come about it.

Link: MindHacks