Which Hero’s Character Are You?

I took the test after taking the 24 test, I wanted to find out which Heroes character I was but I wasn’t expecting this.

You are Sylar. You are very aggressive. You like to pick fights and play mind games. You’ve got it coming.

I am pure evil.

Link: Brainfall

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  1. “Save 3baid.. save the world…”

    No no no! >_

  2. Haha ! you musta been really disappointed :)

  3. Weird, I’m both Hiro Nakamura and Claire Bennet

    “You are part Hiro. You are everyones favorite Japanese tourist. Your time is well-managed and you make sure things get done. On top of that, the girls always want a second chance with you.”

    “You are part Claire. You’re naive and still getting used to your abilities. Some more experience and assertiveness would be good for you.”

  4. Biohazard

    NOT FAIR! :|

    You get to be Jack from 24 and now Sylar?

  5. welcome to the club… I am Sylar too :/ i didn’t think my answers were Sylar material.. but hey, what do i know?!

  6. damn i turned out to be the same, damn i hate myself now.

  7. 3baid: loooooooooool! hahahahahahahahaha! Your the cheerleader!

    mathew: Not really! I was pleasently surprised! I’m pure evil!

    Jacqui: loooooool! U half japanese!

    Biohazard: exactly!!! I’m evil and strong! hehehe

    MSB: yeah, I didn’t think either but we are too smart for our own good!

    fadibou: loooool! I don’t mind really!

  8. please take this test: http://www.quizgalaxy.com/quiz.php?id=114

    it’s what your obituary would say! mine says:

    “Evilly sulking around the neighborhood, MSB died a horrific death. MSB will be terribly missed by the cat.”

    i AM evil!!!!

  9. jasmin

    it seems to me that this test is quite accurate! wink*

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