Chill Weekend


It was one of those needed weekends where I just got to relax and watch a couple of DVDs, and not do much. I wanted to remain lazy all weekend but at the same time I wanted to go out for a change.

What I did do!

I caught up with my sleep, on friday I slept 12 hours which was just right.

I played a lot on X-Box 360 and I watched a lot of anime.

I cleaned up my media area and organized my DVDs in the basement.

I made a to do list for the week, it was pretty damn long and I would be happy with finishing half of it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Add “hitting the beach” for next weekend :) it’s very relaxing for sure

  2. Commenter: will be adding it!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Spa isn’t on my list! Not that fond of a Spa!

  3. YOU SLEPT!!???? Wow!!! :P

    It seems you did well in the weekend! :)

    I do hope you get at least have of the things to do done!! ;)

  4. Nothing like a great relaxing weekend! It sure does wonders to your productivity.

  5. Nora: Seriously!! I’m happy I slept a little at least! I’m trying to get those things!

    N.: Seriously!!! I want more of those!

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