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I think everyone has run into this at one point in time when your trying to delete files. Currently I’m trying to clean up my main PC since its running into issues. When I’m trying to delete a file it tells me I can’t delete it since its currently in use which is really annoying. I have had a program for brute force deletion but in the past I have caused problems because of that.

After searching this is an extremely simple Windows utility called WhoLockMe which helps you find out which process has locked this file. All you have to do is right click on the desired file and then click WhoLockMe ? and it will give you all the necessary details. That way you will know if it is a critical file and not delete it, or if its a file you can get rid of without any issues. A simple program which does wonders for clean up.

Link: WhoLockMe

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  1. Thank you..I’ve been thinking of something that can prevent such error, and I’ve never thought there might be a software for that. My way of fixing such error was by using Alt+Ctrl+Delete to End Process or End Process Tree.
    Thank you again

  2. Ok SERIOUSLY off-topic and also VERY personal question but do you happen to have green eyes?

  3. Muh’d M. Mansour: You will like it! Its very useful!

    DnG: Nope, brown like chocolate! :D

  4. Awesome application! This shall be my solve it app! I hate when that error pops up thanks a million!

  5. DnG: No Prob!

    Nora: Cool!

    N.: Its always those little apps that help out!

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