Pyro Update II


I got an update from Tristar regarding my tire and what exactly they found. They patched the tire and returned Pyro to me but don’t recommend riding it hard. So I won’t be riding since I tend to have a heavy right hand at different times. What they found was a thin metal seam that cut cleanly through the tire and was lodged inside the tire, that is why it slowly deflated.

The only thing I can do now is wait for Zed Motors to bring in their shipment of tires so I will have to wait two more weeks for them. At this point I am happy since Pyro looks all healthy again, I will just ride him to keep the battery from going dead but it will be at light cruising speeds.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. why don’t u go for different tire ?! “

  2. Why don’t u buy from Amazon, you could have it here in a week!

  3. Pyro: This tire was specifically used for this motorcycle and so trying a new tire would be like riding a new bike and takes a while to get used to it. The only tire I would try would be the same story since its not available in Kuwait, and its the only one with the same quality and capability of the Super Corsas!

    Mark: The tire weights a lot so shipping might come out to be alot. I will wait and see since now I’m just riding around on Robo!

  4. Just do the light riding so the battery stays alive!! But 2 weeks will fly fast, I know you can’t wait but you still could enjoy Robo for a bit longer!! I think Robo missed you a bit too much and that’s why he gave you the battery prob!!! ;)

    Just have fun and be patient!! :D

  5. Jafar


    from what I understand your tire is as good as before after sealing the hair pin leak by just patching it from inside.There is no structural damage or detoriation any where. I would bet my own life on it !!! but of course it is upto you.
    Doing over 200 km /hr on normal roads (specially in Kuwait ) is a very high risk already even with brand new tires. Please ride safely.

  6. Nora: Seriously I’m enjoying Robo a lot! But yeah I’m hoping the weeks will fly by!

    Jafar: I don’t want to test it on those tires, but you have some open spaces in Kuwait to go fast! With this bike you like your going slow at 180 kph, as if its nothing, so I don’t want to take the chance! Light riding!

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