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Review: Atomic Sushi


When I first picked up this book I was really looking forward to Simon May’s experiences living and working in Japan as a professor at the prestigious Tokyo University or Todai. He gives you the feel of a person looking at the Japanese culture and interactions though a microscope. He is a witty nature to him, and has had some very funny experiences but this novel lacked the feel that the reader is part of the experience. I always felt that he was some what detached from his experience and so I felt detached from everything that was taking place. It does give a very good incite into the small culture ideals and actions of the Japanese and some window into their thoughts. Still I was expecting a more humorous book with the hectic of life in Japan, but it was more as if you were looking in through a window then experiencing it. It did provide a very good perspective into the Japanese culture but I had higher expectations in regards to the entertainment.

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