WDDC 07 “Rumor” Wrap Up


This is a very brief breakdown of all that took place at the WDDC 07 with some interesting parts. To find out the real information then go click the link at Arstechnica. Apple is really doing some interesting things, we shall see what they will be releasing soon.

  • .Mac overhauled
  • Leopard secrets revealed
  • New iLife
  • Leopard is the star
  • VoIP or iChat on iPhone
  • Virtualization in Leopard
  • “New” Finder in Leopard
  • iPhone Widgets
  • Illuminous
  • iPhone Leopard demo
  • New look in Leopard
  • MacBook Thin
  • iPhone SDK
  • New desktop Mac (not Mac Pro)
  • Vista ridiculed
  • ZFS mentioned
  • Universal MS Office demo
  • “One more thing…”
  • “Boom”
  • Leopard release date
  • Leopard != $129
  • Leopard secrets remain
  • New displays with cameras

Link: Arstechnica

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  1. Can’t wait for the keynotes .. do u know of any website that will broadcast it live??

  2. You and Weld El-ma6aba; you both are just mad about the apple aren’t you?? I still don’t get it!!! :P

    Well maybe someday I’ll have enough money get me few of their things and learn how to work with them and see how it goes! It might be my thing after all!! But now I don’t even want to remember all the issues I had with my mum’s apple!! Just wasn’t my thing! :D

  3. Mishal

    WDDC is scheduled for June 11-15 2007. So, what really took place and when?

  4. This isn’t a wrap-up, this is a rumor wrap-up!

  5. The Macbook Thin is something I’m looking forward too.

  6. Marzouq :

    The Event didn’t take place yet. it’s gonna be held tomorrow 10AM PDT . To catch a live coverage go to q8mug.com

  7. I’m looking forward to the new stuff! I heard a rumor also they might make windows apps run natively on the OS X imagine, that would totally obliterate MS! but as much as I would like that to happen, it seems too soon for Mac to make the final blow

  8. Weld El-Ma6aba: No clue!!!

    Nora: of course they do have major changes and do a lot of crazy things!

    Mishal: sorry!! Wrong title!!! hehehe

    3baid: Fixed!

    Angelo: That would be great but with the same performance!

    G-Funk: Thanks!! i will be checking it out!!!

    N.: same here, I want to see Macs punch for the knock out!!

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