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Land Is Back


It has been 11 Days and 16 hours since I gave my Landcruiser to Toyota to fix supposedly minor problems.

The issues as follows:

  • Steering wheel piece wasn’t on right
  • Right rear window was stuck and wasn’t operating right
  • Rear air condition wasn’t working even though air condition in the front of the car was working fine.

At first Toyota said it was minor and went about doing there tasks and gave me an estimate of 114 KD to fix everything which I thought was fine. They call me back 3 days later telling me it will cost 620 KD to fix everything. I was flabbergasted, and I told them what I would pay for and what I wouldn’t. They almost wanted to replace the whole A/C system because they didn’t know where the electrical problem was. There was nothing wrong with the Air conditioning itself, the problem was that the air flow wasn’t working in the back which has a control.

After making them really look into the problem the amount turned out to be 256 KD. The policy with fixing in Kuwait is to Replace instead of Fix, so they decided to replace EVERYTHING instead of finding out where the problem lay. So they replaced two controllers, one in the front and one in the rear and that seemed to solve the problem.

I’m just happy I have my Landcruiser back!