Land Is Back


It has been 11 Days and 16 hours since I gave my Landcruiser to Toyota to fix supposedly minor problems.

The issues as follows:

  • Steering wheel piece wasn’t on right
  • Right rear window was stuck and wasn’t operating right
  • Rear air condition wasn’t working even though air condition in the front of the car was working fine.

At first Toyota said it was minor and went about doing there tasks and gave me an estimate of 114 KD to fix everything which I thought was fine. They call me back 3 days later telling me it will cost 620 KD to fix everything. I was flabbergasted, and I told them what I would pay for and what I wouldn’t. They almost wanted to replace the whole A/C system because they didn’t know where the electrical problem was. There was nothing wrong with the Air conditioning itself, the problem was that the air flow wasn’t working in the back which has a control.

After making them really look into the problem the amount turned out to be 256 KD. The policy with fixing in Kuwait is to Replace instead of Fix, so they decided to replace EVERYTHING instead of finding out where the problem lay. So they replaced two controllers, one in the front and one in the rear and that seemed to solve the problem.

I’m just happy I have my Landcruiser back!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ouch! glad you got it fixed well. This is the policy with everything, even computers! Is there a problem with your Windows OS? FORMAT! Is there a problem with a certain application? FORMAT! Is there a problem with hardware? FORMAT! Until the PC dies then Upgrade? No! Get full total new hardware! lol.. its funny really.

  2. Biohazard

    Problem is, you can’t figure if they’re bullshitting or not unless you have car knowledge. Not all people do, and they can be tricked by the mechanics by just naming random objects you’ve never heard of in the car and say they need to be replaced. Of course then you cant argue with them..

    Speaking from experience? Perhaps. :|

  3. i like ur smart emnashab, i too faced a problem with the ac in my car, its not an old one only 6mths old when i faced the problem, they wanted to charge me for it, replace it! instead when i insisted that it should be covered by the warenty they gave it a second thoiught & guess what !! they cleaned it and promissed me on the warenty that they will replace it incase the problem re-occures

    the thing is, other than the replace policy they follow, there is this very large number of Kuwaiti consumers who do not bother them selves to think twice what the car company recommends! they agree seeeeeda mean while the company can do a lot, we should ask for our right to have the option of choosing what to do with our cars not forced into this, accordingly the car companies will improve their after sale service if their clients demand such a thing.

  4. N: Yes it always about FORMATING! Never trying to fix it!

    Biohazard: yup, I have the idea of whats wrong and the components involved so I grilled them about it!

    Q80-Chill Girl: They see the money as coming in so they don’t care! There is also the case of the customer educating themselves so that they don’t get ripped off which also needs to be addressed! Thats why service will remain bad because they try to cheat or confuse the customer!

  5. man, they have there own way to make you pay. They can make you bay for nothing.

  6. That’s s**t!! Replacing instead of finding the prob and fixing it!!! I would have gone all hell loose on them!! I’m glad you didn’t play along and stood your ground!! ;)

  7. daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
    talk about stealing ashkarah
    glad u got your baby back

  8. Muh’d M. Mansour: Yup! They take advantage of your lack of knowledge!

    Nora: The thing is this is the case all over the middle east!

    Laialy: thanks! Kila ashkarah ehny!

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