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My Connections!


I have been using Qnet for years now, and I have 1.5+ MB connection based on a little tweaking. It is really fast and great with no issues what so ever, except the price and when it goes down. I rarely have to call the contact center for any issues.

Recently prices have dropped drastically and at Infoconnect I got a KEMS 1MB connection for 350KD for the year. Which is a steal compared to earlier prices in Kuwait.

The problem was getting everything to work, and I was having issues. The line was dropping, and it couldn’t sustain more then a 64 KBps connection instead of the paid for 1 Mbps connection. I was going back and forth as to where the issue was and they sent an engineer a few times to test. They also blamed MOC for the low quality connection. I was running around with the issue for a few months. Until a couple of weeks back one person from the KEMS techincal team decided to do something differently and it worked. Now the connection has been great, and they started the connection from the point when all the problems were resolved instead of counting those previous months of no service. As long as there are no problems KEMS is great, but if there are problems it takes a while to solve them.

Two Regular Issues that some people face with KEMS:

  • Dropped connections
  • Can’t sustain higher then a certain rate on a line

Now to combine the two connections with a small server and load balance them. I was happy I got this working, so whenever Qnet goes down I am not without internet, or the other way around. This will have to do until we get fiber to our homes and we can get up to 100 Mbps, I know I’m dreaming for now!