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Usually a site survey is a bit of boring thing, but this one was turned into something more entertaining.

We had some work to do out in the nether regions of Kuwait, so we decided to make it a late day excursion between myself and my coworker.

It was a site survey for services out by Al Zoor, Nuwaiseeb, and Khairan. Checking out what is there and what isn’t, it will a good development for that area giving services to that area of Kuwait, but it will be good when they do complete.

It was one good drive with some music, and a camera. Its always a nice drive when the weather is pleasant and the company is good.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. amazing…I thought no one lives in such far places, its like traveling outside Kuwait.
    What did you do or see out there?

  2. seems like it was a lot of fun, I love driving to khairan

  3. Mazaaj walla, it seems fun if you have your listening equipment. I usually load up my iPod with podcasts and listen on the road to anything.

  4. Biohazard

    I know people who when bored go all way to the southern borders and back, just for a good drive. I’m all for it too, especially if its cloudy.

    Z, when you take these pics I’m sure they ask questions, do you usually start talking about blogging or just say you like the photography of it?

  5. Muh’d M. Mansour: Went for site survey of technical stuff, it was boring work but the drive was fun!

    Pearls: yeah it was fun, the work was boring though!

    N: yeah we had to do it, so we decided to make it fun!

    Biohazard: You mean with the people sitting next to me! Some do and some don’t ask. Those who do ask I tell them its for me to post up or blog about, nothing more then that! Ist like second nature to me now, its something I just keep doing! hehehe

  6. OHHHH!!! I remember that McDonald’s!!! I used to drive the whole way to eat there in quiet and peace!!! Man; that’s like 100 years ago!!! :P

    Well nice pictures, good memories!! Thanks man!! :D

  7. aham shay the last 2 pics chinaa kintow sekarah :p
    bsss i know how hard it is to take night shots :)

  8. I expected a chibi Sasuke to be hanging from that keychain.

  9. Nora: No prob! It nice drive!!

    Laialy: looooool! We were driving fast and the camera was barely getting the pisc!!

    The[M]Code: loool! Man I wish I could get that! I would have it for my bike!

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