TorrentSpy & Torrentz – UnBlocked?


Oddly enough this week I was searching for an anime torrent and within the search results were torrentz and torrentspy. I just opened the first few to see what were the seeders and leechers not paying attention to which torrent website I was looking at.


As I was looking through the tabs I noticed TorrentSpy and Torrentz which were blocked by Qnet only a month ago is now open. Both Torrentspy and Torrentz are available to be searched at this point which is surprising, it seems that this was a mistake rather then something on their part, I really doubt that someone removed these websites from a list. This turn of events has made me happy since now we can search for some good torrents if we need to at this point.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory72

    Spy has been open for a while, torrentz was, but yesterday was blocked.

  2. Purgatory72


  3. i always wondered who was in control of these block lists

  4. torrentz was blocked again, i just checked.

    Laialy_q8: that would be some 70 years old grampa with an afro as big as a coconut.

  5. torrentspy was always unblocked for me. Torrentz was blocked though.

  6. Purg: not too long for me! only a couple of weeks! looool! I buy some dvds and download good quality ones that I just want to check out!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: thats good! U guys don’t have the same filters as we do!

    Laialy: The ISPs, completely!

    K: looool! U control the INTRAWEB!

    eshda3wa: Thanks! Same here, I emailed them alot just for the hell of it!

    The[M]Code: With Qnet? Thats wierd it worked for me! looool!

    Flippa X: hmmm who is your ISP? I’m talking about Qnet!

  7. it’s blocked in ksa.. anyone can help me to open it. with thanks

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