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First Police Checkpoint


I came back from work, and I felt tired. I really did just want to sit at home and do nothing, but I also had this huge urge to go riding. I really wanted to clear my head and riding would fit the bill. So I go geared up and got on Robo, filled up gas and headed down the Gulf Road. I’m enjoying my ride and there are a few nut cases on the road but I managed to get away from them.


As I pass the third ring road heading towards the second ring road I speed up to take the corner the way I like it, but then I see a lot of cars stopped so I slowed down. As I was passing between cars I notice that it is a police check point, it was the first police checkpoint that I have been to in over 8 years. When I got to the front they turned at looked at me, he asked for my license and I was extremely happy to oblige. I had to put the bike in neutral, take off my gloves, and get my wallet out, then he said if you have it go ahead and I told him I really want to give to him so hold on. I got it out and gave it to him, the guy was laughing and said to go ahead. Being in full gear makes a difference and the police were very cordial, and they stopped everyone with a vehicle which had problem or was tinted. They were doing their job and they were nice about it. As soon as I passed I took off, and I was enjoying the rest of my ride.