First Police Checkpoint


I came back from work, and I felt tired. I really did just want to sit at home and do nothing, but I also had this huge urge to go riding. I really wanted to clear my head and riding would fit the bill. So I go geared up and got on Robo, filled up gas and headed down the Gulf Road. I’m enjoying my ride and there are a few nut cases on the road but I managed to get away from them.


As I pass the third ring road heading towards the second ring road I speed up to take the corner the way I like it, but then I see a lot of cars stopped so I slowed down. As I was passing between cars I notice that it is a police check point, it was the first police checkpoint that I have been to in over 8 years. When I got to the front they turned at looked at me, he asked for my license and I was extremely happy to oblige. I had to put the bike in neutral, take off my gloves, and get my wallet out, then he said if you have it go ahead and I told him I really want to give to him so hold on. I got it out and gave it to him, the guy was laughing and said to go ahead. Being in full gear makes a difference and the police were very cordial, and they stopped everyone with a vehicle which had problem or was tinted. They were doing their job and they were nice about it. As soon as I passed I took off, and I was enjoying the rest of my ride.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Note to self; Stay off Gulf road – especially between 2nd and 3rd ring roads.

  2. I believe I was at the same check point =|
    i passed through around 5 o’clock i think though..
    they just let me pass, which was awesome =D

  3. I tend to hit that check point quite frequently! There was a point where I was getting aggravated by check points though! Last Thursday, I picked someone up from the airport and he was hungry so I headed to Shari3 Al-Ma6a3im! there was a check point in Salmiya before the Fire Station at the end of 4th ring road! There was another check point to the entrance of the round about by Shari3 Al-Ma6a3im and one in the actual round about! (In other words 2 check points in the same place at the same time!) I thought I was done with check points bu then I hit one at the Bidi3 round about and another one at the Jawazat round about!

  4. they r the 3rd year students of the police academy on their summer training i believe

  5. pearls: loooool!

    K: yup, they stop for tints!

    Berserk-KW: yup, as long as your car had no issues then they wouldn’t stop you!

    Stallion: looooool! You attract them!!! hehehe! Shagook!

    vampire: yup, there were students there in blue! Thanks, the 4th pic brings out the curves in the black!

    Laialy: no dead no nothing! he has always been around! hehehe!

  6. I don’t remember ever getting in a check point in Kuwait!! I really can’t remember even one!!! :(

    I have to say Robo is just so beautiful!!! Really he is gorgeous!!! :P

  7. hehe u should come to Lebanon and count the army checkpoints at night!!

    Great Bike btw!!! I don’t usually like bikes (I hate them actually but maybe it’s because how the riders act in Lebanon) but this one is really nice.

  8. Nora: Thanks!! I’m usually out at odd times so I don’t get into the police check points!

    eliedh: yeah it seems there are a lot of army checkpoints now. Thanks, yeah Bikes in Lebanon are bit more suicidal then in Kuwait!

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