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American Health System


Michael Moore is making another movie and this time is about the American health system. The movie is called “Sicko” and it seems to eb causing some waves. There are a lot of ups and downs to the American Health system but is isn’t as good as it seems to outsiders. The article by the independent goes into deeper details and manages to uncover a lot of truth regarding insurance companies and the hospitals involved.

I myself had personal experience with the US medical system and insurance companies. I rarely went except when it was a medical situation and I had to go. The first time was getting food poisoning and waiting for three hours in the emergency and they didn’t do much either, they just told me to throw up if I felt like it. The second time was due to a sport accident and I had a deep gash across my head and it needed about 14 stitches, but I remained in the emergency room with my friends for over 4 hours with nothing but to put pressure on my head. One time was due to a motorcycle accident and I had to be patched up. That was a bad experience since I felt like a rag which was sown back together and thrown out. Every time it had to do something with health insurance or something of that nature. The only time things go smoothly is when your paying out of your personal pocket. They do have the best medical equipment and great nurses, but they stop caring if people can’t pay. The article is a really good read and gives you better incite into the US medical system.

Link: Independent