K1200R on a Dragstrip


Important Notice:
163 bhp
96 lbs/ft-torque
0-60 Mph in 2.6 seconds

These machines basically says bite me! Just check out the add! I loved it at the link!

Link: YouTube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow thats a killer :) i dunno for some reason i have always been away from BMW motorcycles, i need to try one soon.

  2. nice ad.

    i think bmw mtrd should build a true super bike,, like the liter jap bikes

    this machine is well made but it can’t be as agile as other bikes

  3. Jafar

    If you are in Kuwait & have a ridding lisence then you can arrange for a test ride with TriStar Motorcycles , the Official BMW motorcycles importer in Kuwait & saudi Arabia

    Vampire you should checkout the K1200S then you will know what agile is !

  4. A BEAUTY!!!! I have always thought that BMW know how to cut a bike and make it go!!! :)

    Ps; I just got my riding license for learning and with that I could be riding any bike in here!! We are going to check bikes on Saturday and will buy one for sure…. I’m so excited!! :D

  5. BigB: yeah, you would be surprised BMW is going out there with the bikes, especially this machine!

    vampire: Its quiet agile if I do say so, but it also has a lot of power. They make different machines for different reasons. This machine is pure brute force!

    Jafar: right on, K1200S isn’t for my tastes. Still prefer K1200R!

    Nora: Congrats girl!!!! Let me know which one you get!

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