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Dispersed Directories!


The above diagram is my current setup and everything is connected by the D-Link Gigabit switch and routed through the Netgear Gigabit Router. Recently I have been trying to centralize my files and duplicate it somewhere else. I don’t want to put everything all in one place but at the same time putting it all in different locations has resulted in non-stop searching for certain files. The other day I stumbled upon a music directory inside a back-up folder of my old pc inside one of the network storage, I was surprised to find it since it had a lot of old songs I was looking for earlier.

What I’m trying to do is duplicate new media files just in case if a Hard Drive stops working on me, and I send the old files to Infrant NV+ which has redundant storage. It is a bit of task to go searching between them, and organizing them is going to be hell as well since I have to go through so many sub-directories and many of the External HDs have different profiles on them. I know once I am done I will be extremely happy with everything, its always about redundancy upon redundancy upon redundancy, its moments like these that I realize I am complete nerd.