Early Morning Ride


I slept at 4:30am and I woke up at 7:30am to meet up with vampire for an early morning ride. We met up at Marina Mall around 8am, while riding I was being hit by a cool breeze which was fantastic. As we started off we took the Gulf Road to Mansooriya just to fill up gas before heading towards Al Koot. As we were riding we kept seeing different groups of riders, usually in groups of two or three in the morning which is fantastic. I love seeing other bikers on the road, and you know they ride because they enjoy the ride.


As we were riding, I felt the clutch a bit stiff as what happened before so I’m going to have Tristar take a look at it. After a bit of riding it gets really stiff so I keep having to pump the clutch to get it shifting normally again. It was one hell of ride since vampire’s riding has improved greatly, and he is able to take large sweeping turns like a champ. Also I think he learned from previous experience how hard to break. Its great when you ride with someone who picks up on small movements that you make to know where you are going to go next.


We were enjoying the ride but towards the end of the ride the wind was killing us, it got really strong around 9:30am and pushing us around. We got back to Arjan Bid’a and had a cold drink at Starbucks to cool off before heading home.












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. it wonderful to see how bikers live in Kuwait, which I find it an amazing and interesting lifestyle. We don’t have allot of bikers here in Egypt that can do what you do. They still amateurs.
    I wish I could someday do the same with you guys.

  2. That sounds so nice!! I hope I’ll be picking up the riding tricks soon, as Stelios (my husband) is going today to check out the bikes!! I think it’ll be Shadow spirit 750…. Used one of course!! He said if I would ride that for a year then he’ll feel safer when I get a sport one!

    I love Robo!! I think he is just so beautiful! I hope someday I’ll manage a BMW bike!! ;)

    I think Vampires Ducati is one of the most beautiful Ducati cuts, and glad he’s catching up so fast with you! It’s so nice to have few good riding friends!!! :)

  3. LooL
    cool trick where you can see someone on the side mirror
    i have a tricycle outside, can i come ride along? :p

  4. Muh’d M. Mansour: Riding is just something different! The only thing I do is enjoy the ride, if they do that then they are bikers, its as simple as that!

    Nora: The Honda Spirit is a very cool cruiser! You will be enjoying the ride, and you will get the details of riding down. When you go to sport bikes you will feel a HUGE difference! Thanks, I love Robo too! O Inshalla you will get your beemer! Yeah, vampire has some tweaks in mind for his Ducati, the best part is to personalize your bike!

    Laialy: hehehe, I didn’t see it until later! hehehe! How fast can you go from 0 – 60 mph, then you can ride with us! hehehe

  5. Laialy_q8: sure u can but u have to paddle faster (^_^) “

    yesterday was my best ride since i started riding 2 months ago (less),, the only bad thing was Marzouq’s bike has more than double the power than mine,, so in the high way it was hard for me to catch up with him,, he had to slow down

    i still want to ride earlier than 8:00 am “““

    can’t wait for next weekend for my next ride enshala

  6. Judy Abbott

    7ar 7ar

  7. Biohazard

    How do you two communicate, hand signals like the army? LOL

    Marzouq you seem to be teaching a lot of people how to ride, you should start your own school.. :p

  8. Man you look so damn good with the hamlet, just take care of yourself :) and all what i wish a night out you, zand, & me to Johnny Rockets + Krispy Kreme

  9. vampire: I can’t wake up like you! I sleep at 4am you sleep at 11pm!!! And yeah I completely forgot about the power difference! But we were enjoying flying around!

    Judy Abbot: very much so!

    Biohazard: Sometimes hand signals and a lot has to do with our posture on the bike! I don’t think I have the time to teach a school, I’m more the extra courses type of thing

    Armani Exchange: hamlet would be shakespeare, I am wearing a helmet! And thats not me, thats vampire!

    Jacqui: That would be vampire! loooool!

  10. LOL I thought it was you I wanted to tease you like crazy hehe oh well :$ now you made me become all embarrassed and shit hehe :P

  11. Hmm, I guess you guys showed us who are the real bikers, cos I for one would rather throw my self from a 100 floor building before getting on a bike and ride (with long sleeve jackets and full face helmets mind you) in this weather.. early morning or not, I ain’t doin’ it.. aaaah.. the cool breeze of my room A/C and my pillow at 8 am on my weekend is my heaven.. loool

    A word to take or to leave (mirrors need to be changed on both bikes :P)

    Keep it up and stay safe ;)

  12. Jacqui: looooool! Well you know where to find him!

    Vampire: loooooooooooool!

    The Don: Man I can’t stop riding for the life of me!! I love it, its too much fun and you just enjoy everything!!! In regards to the mirrors there are better looking mirrors out there for sure, but I have to say that Beemers mirrors are one the best I have ever seen, minor vibration with great view! I can see alot!!!

  13. Vampire :$ Hehehe well that was the truth tho :P My compliments to your stylist hehe :P

    Zack you’re dead meat :P 3ad I was about to tell you that you lost a lot of weight hehe :P your loss I guess :P

  14. Jacqui: loooool! Go ahead and do as you please!!! looool!

  15. Jacqui: i’m flattered,, thank u for ur compliments,, u can always email me ur phone number ;p lol


    Vampire, but I don’t have an email how can I email you my phone number :P Wait that doesn’t sound right how can I not have an email hehe okay okay.. But I don’t have a phone number :P That sounds right right? :PP

  17. that was funny Jacqui ehheeheehee (^_^) “

    u can ask marzouq my number and u then use ur driver’s phone ;)

    don’t have a driver ?! “““

  18. Hehehe sorry no driver as well, oh and no car, no job :P (Yeah right LOL!)

    But I’m glad I brought a smile to your day or face you pick whichever :P

  19. Jacqui …. Vampire… bes enough!!! Shagaatooonnyyyy! Get a room! Both of you are fired!

  20. rofl,, and stop spelling my nickname with a CAPITAL “V”

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