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Screen Mounts


I’m currently going to go with the two screen option since I do a lot of different things on one PC at a time, the problem I have is placing both the screens on my desk. My desk space is limited in space so I have to get the right type of flexible screen mounts to make sure the screens can be accommodated.

I was look at different mounts available since I’m going with the Dual screen option but at the same time I don’t want to clutter my desk. The screens mounts I’m looking at are for the Dell E22WFP and these mounts are compatible with VESA mounts which are the standard mounts on most screens between 75/100.

I have two options at this point:

I like the Omnimount but I’m leaning towards the 7000 because you are able to rotate the 360 degrees, so I can make both screens vertical, or one vertical and the other horizontal. It streamlines all the clutter on my desk and then I can adjust all the cables.