Blogger’s Choice Awards


It seems there is an all out vote for many of the different kinds of blogs out there. I think that it is pretty cool that tey are doign this, but the votes aren’t even that much to get to the top for some of them such as Hottest Mommy Blogger and Best Blogging Host. I voted for Dreamhost for a few of them as well as WordPress. You can vote multiple times, and its interesting taking a look at some of the websites.

Link: BloggersChoiceAwards

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  1. No way dreamhost is getting an award. It was recently hacked and lots of ftp passwords were leaked! It was horrible and a lot of people are pissed off!

  2. Purgatory72

    Hottest mommy blog sounds tempting

  3. I wouldnt choose dreamhost wordpress all the way :p

    Purg, Pervert! :P

  4. jewaira

    Yes, they do sound tempting don’t they Purgatory? Naughty you

  5. N: They got hacked really? I didn’t have any issues, when did this happen!

    Purg: loooooool!

    Vincent: exactly!! it works great for me and with lots of space!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: you just made no sense to me!!!

    jewaira: loooool! There are lots of hot mommys around!!! hehehe

  6. bloggers choice awards!!! 9ij people are attention freaks :p

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