Lost then Found


This is a freaky feeling, as I was about to go out on Thursday to meet up with some friends I couldn’t find my wallet. I was home all day and the first thing I did was to go to the areas which I was stationed at for the day which was my room and the basement. I turned the cushions over to check under them to see if my wallet got squeezed in between the cushions but nothing. Then I checked my room and I couldn’t find anything, I checked the usual places I place my wallet. Then I went to the car and checked if it had fallen out of my pocket while I was driving, and again I found nothing. I was a bit worried, but I just went back and thought through all the places that I had left my wallet and where it could possibly be.

There was one place left, I got into my car and headed straight for work. I usually take everything out of my pocket and put it i my drawer while at work to keep my pockets empty. I drove to work at 8pm and I knew who would be there from the technical team, so I headed straight there and the door open, when I went up to the office I found the wallet in the drawer where I usually leave it. I was relieved since I didn’t want to even contemplate it being stolen.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ouch, thank God you found it. Funny you should call the places you were at your home; places which you were “stationed at” lol!

  2. one day i arrived home from work which is 30 minutes away,, i didn’t find my wallet,, headed to work again,, the security didn’t allow me to enter as my gate pass was inside the wallet,, good thing i know someone who’d be there,, he came to the gate,, gave him my office’s key,, then he brought it back,,

  3. jewaira

    what a relief…

    I love the photo…there’s nothing more I like to do than go through a man’s wallet. I don’t know why but I enjoy it.

  4. I expected you to say that you ended up finding it in your pocket!

  5. It happens allot to me…with my glasses, keys and my wallet.
    anyway, its nice you’ve found it.

  6. Phew! Glad you found it. I was looking for my glasses all morning, I didnt find them.. THEN I realized I was actually WEARING them!!!!

  7. I thought you would find it in your pocket. A similar situation happened to me once I was looking for my car keys and they were in my hand all along LOL!

  8. Missy-TheOriginal

    Jacqui I’m sure that’s better than me wearing my sunglasses while tanning- perspective shaded- and running around asking where they were anxious =P

  9. pearls: looool!

    N: hehehehe! I am all about 24!!!

    vampire: that is annoying with government places!! they won’t let you through no matter what! Your lucky your friend was there!

    jewaira: loooooool! I’m happy you like the photo, and I think my wallet has some interesting things for sure!

    Blue Ice Envy: no way!!! That was the first thing I checked!!! hehehe

    Muh’d M. Mansour: I would have went nuts if I didn’t find it!

    Ansam: loooooooooooool! ok thats funny!

    Jacqui: ok… it was in your hand AND YOU DIDNT SEE IT!!!!

    Missy: loooooooooooooool!

  10. yekh, i know that feeling when i have my backpack and i don’t put my wallet in the usual place and then i can’t find it
    ew ew ew
    i start reciting all type of Qur’an at the moment hehehe

  11. love this blog, one of, if not the best kuwaity blogs.
    anyways totally off topic, the wallet, is it bottega veneta? lol

  12. The only thing that I always misplace is my keys!! :P

    I’m glad that you did find it in the end!!! ;)

  13. Yea ask Sou, Swair they were there hehe I had them in my hands and I was freaking out LOL! It was hilarious I was about to get on the floor or actually it was Sou to check underneath the couch at the Coffee Bean when I realized they were in my hand.

  14. Laialy: loooool! yeah you start the search!!! hehehe!

    Fhaid: thanks, happy you enjoy and you are correct its a bottega veneta! hehehe

    Nora: I hate misplacing keys! I got nuts looking for them!

    Jacqui: loooooool! Now thats funny!

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