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Lost then Found


This is a freaky feeling, as I was about to go out on Thursday to meet up with some friends I couldn’t find my wallet. I was home all day and the first thing I did was to go to the areas which I was stationed at for the day which was my room and the basement. I turned the cushions over to check under them to see if my wallet got squeezed in between the cushions but nothing. Then I checked my room and I couldn’t find anything, I checked the usual places I place my wallet. Then I went to the car and checked if it had fallen out of my pocket while I was driving, and again I found nothing. I was a bit worried, but I just went back and thought through all the places that I had left my wallet and where it could possibly be.

There was one place left, I got into my car and headed straight for work. I usually take everything out of my pocket and put it i my drawer while at work to keep my pockets empty. I drove to work at 8pm and I knew who would be there from the technical team, so I headed straight there and the door open, when I went up to the office I found the wallet in the drawer where I usually leave it. I was relieved since I didn’t want to even contemplate it being stolen.