Qnet Down?


It seems that Qnet has been down for a bit, it has been down since 8:00pm. The first thing I thought was that they cut the electricity at the Qnet building in Kuwait City or at the Telecommunications Tower since they are starting with the rolling blackouts in certain areas. The only reason I can still surf is because I’m using my kems connection, and its slightly slower the Qnet connection but working great.

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  1. Missy-TheOriginal

    That’s odd because I use Qnet but everything is in tact all evening. I went out and came back but the connection is still running =)

  2. I have e-GO and its not bad at all :-)

  3. I’m planning renew my connection as well! I thought about Qnet and Kems but I’m still debating which to get! I’m currently getting 512 for 240/year with UNC!

  4. Missy: It has been down since last night for me!!! hmmm I need to contact them!

    Ansam: The 1 MB connection does it for me!

    N: Check out KEMS and see what they can help you with!

  5. backups are a blessing :p
    another word of wisdom right there

  6. Laialy: exactly! Always have a back-up plan!

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