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Review: Nokia N95


I have tried this phone for a little while now since there has been a lot of hype regarding the its capabilities.


  • Great bright and detailed screen
  • 5.0 megapixel camera but the pictures are slightly compressed, and great video recording
  • 160 MB built in memory (expandable through microSD)
  • Fantastic web browser and media player
  • Satellite Navigation works great even in Kuwait
  • Messaging is relatively easy with good keyboard access, and other side of the keyboard is good for the media playback
  • Simple to use even with the large of features
  • Battery is decent I get about a day and half of normal use out of it
  • Works with GSM/3G/HDPA, UPnP Wi-Fi


  • A bit expensive (210KD)
  • The menu is great but sometimes a bit sluggish
  • A bit on the heavy side, but the is cost of such a large screen
  • With time I’m assuming its going to be more sluggish