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More Tasks On List


Things just keep piling up, and more and more meetings keep coming up at this point. I’m trying to keep up with all the tasks I have on hand, I put a few things on the phone and a few I write down on a board and some on Outlook. It all depends what kind of things I have to remind myself to do.

Last night I managed to go get a shave and relax a little bit, I was so tired that I fell asleep on the barbers chair. I woke up when he was done shaving my head which was great, I kept falling in and out of sleep, except when I got some cold water on my face then I woke up.

It seems I might have to go for a one day trip for work and I really don’t want to be going anywhere at this point, I’m not sure yet but I will know tomorrow.

Check out this video of the funny Gopher, I think Gophers are one of the hardest working animals! They build dams!! Who can say they ever built a dam!